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Property Solutions


1.       Daily Maintenance

To ensure the property is always been well maintenance, we provide daily maintenance service to our client. This will help our client to prolong the life of the property and minimize downtime for repairs. Some maintenance procedures are performed daily while others are less frequent.

2.       Cleaning Services

We provide cleaning services to our client to ensure their property always been clean.

3.       Refurbished

We extend our services included refurbished which help our client to renovate and redecorate the damage included sofa, piping and others.

4.       Utility Bill Payment

Our client no need worried that they will missed out utility payment when they not around or the bill missing. We help our client to do the payment included water bill, electricity bill, internet bill and other bill to maintain the property.

5.       Property management

We help property owner to manage their property included searching the new buyer and/or new tenant. All the documentation will be prepared for property owner and buyer/tenant. We will help our client to get the approval by government sector.